Empowering the future through electric innovation, one volt at a time.

Our vision for making electric cars starts with reimagining the very concept of transportation. We believe in a future where every commute is emission-free, where the roads are filled with electric vehicles designed to make our lives better.



The future is electric, and as engineering students, we’re at the forefront of making it happen.

As student engineers, our vision for electric cars is more than a distant dream. It’s a road we’re actively traveling, filled with countless hours of research, design, testing, and, yes, a few moments of sheer “eureka!” We invite you to join us on this electrifying journey as we transform our vision into a tangible, eco-conscious, and thrilling reality.

Dedicated Towards Excellence

Decade of Dedication: Our Commitment to Crafting the Ultimate Electric Formula Racing Car

For the past decade, our unwavering commitment to engineering excellence has fueled our passion for crafting the best electric Formula racing car. The journey has been marked by a decade of dedication, relentless innovation, and a desire to be at the forefront of sustainable motorsports. Our ten-year legacy speaks of our determination to consistently raise the bar in the world of Formula racing, transitioning from combustion engines to electric power with an uncompromising drive.

See you soon with a lighting formula